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This book is all about bitachon, the feeling of security that comes from trusting in Hashem. It addresses the subject not only on a theoretical level, but in a practical way that readily and directly improves the quality of our lives the moment we begin to apply what we learn. The more we attain bitachon, the less we worry. The less we worry, the better we feel and the more we’re able to redirect our emotional and physical energies toward more productive endeavors, and the more we see enhanced material and spiritual abundance in our lives.

13 Principles of Emuna

This enlightening book introduces the reader to the Rambam’s 13 Principles of Emuna, the timeless foundations of Jewish faith, in a clear and comprehensible fashion. It enables anyone between the ages of 12-120 to internalize these principles and apply them to daily living, thereby enhancing one’s positive outlook, inner peace and ability to live a meaningful life. Like all of Rabbi Brody’s books, this is extremely reader-friendly.

3 Words of Emuna

Three Words of Emuna” is a practical guide to the three most important words in the Torah, Ein Od Milvado, and their amazing power in freeing a person from anxiety and negative emotions. In unprecedented clarity, Rabbi Brody explains the three fundamental principles of emuna as well, the basis of pure and complete faith and key to inner peace and a happy life.

3 Palabras de Emuná

(Spanish edition of “3 Words of Emuna”)

“Tres palabras de Emuná” es una guía práctica sobre las tres palabras más importantes de la Torá: En Od Milevadó y su asombroso poder para liberar a una persona de la ansiedad y las emociones negativas. Con una claridad sin precedentes, el rabino Brody también explica los tres principios fundamentales de emuná, la base de la fe pura y completa, y la clave para obtener la paz interior y una vida feliz.

The Path to Your Peak

We all have the potential of reaching the top. People fail to reach their own special peak because of two main reasons: first, they don’t properly utilize and take advantage of their personal potential. Second, they don’t have a plan. To do anything successfully, whether it’s becoming a champion athlete, a successful businessperson, an honor student, an efficient homemaker or anything else you desire to do, you need a plan. With that in mind, this book will provide you with a tailor-made, practical plan for success that you can readily implement.

El Camino a tu Cima

Todos soñamos con estar en la cima. Sólo hay un pequeño detalle: ¿Cómo llegamos ahí?

Todos tenemos el potencial de alcanzar la cima. Sin embargo, muchos no lo consiguen por dos motivos principales: primero, no aprovechan adecuadamente su potencial y, segundo, no tienen un plan para llevarlo a cabo. Para realizar cualquier idea de manera exitosa, desde convertirte en un atleta victorioso, un empresario exitoso, un alumno distinguido, un ama de casa eficiente o cualquier otra sueño que desees realizar, es necesario hacer un plan. Con eso en mente, El Camino a Tu Cima le proporcionará un plan de seis días para obtener el éxito que siempre deseaste.

Old Isaac's Trail to Tranquility

Old Isaac is an allegorical innkeeper whose coarse exterior hides his amazing wisdom and his gentle, understanding and very loving nature. He leads his guests – the readers of this book – along a very beautiful and educational trail that leads to an anger-free life of satisfaction, genuine happiness and inner peace.

Chassidic Pearls

This book is designed to make the family’s festive Shabbat meal an unforgettable experience that every member of the family eagerly anticipates all week long. Chassidic Pearls is a collection of Rabbi Lazer Brody’s original parables that elaborate on the weekly Torah portions with a distinct Chassidic flavor. Each weekly “pearl” enables everyone to enjoy and appreciate the wisdom of Torah on their own individual level while warming the hearts of the entire family.

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