Many offer flowery advice for staying calm under pressure, but unfortunately, not much of the textbook and magazine ideas hold up when the bullets are flying, as they say in the military.

During the last 10 years, our neighbors on the other side of the border have fired many thousands of deadly rockets at us here in the south of Israel where I live. Frequently, families have been back and forth between the bomb shelters and living quarters. We’re forced to cope with overflows of adrenaline every time the Red Alert siren wails and the rockets and/or rocket-interceptor missiles explode. It’s not pleasant, to say the least.

Over the years, I’ve put together a few simple guidelines to coping and staying calm in the scenarios of rocket attacks, which have proved effective. If these ploys work under rocket attacks, they certainly won’t let you down in coping with day-to-day stress.

  1. Remember the Creator! Say over and over, ein od milvado – “There is no one but Him,” and remind yourself that a hair cannot fall from your head against his will. Know without the slightest doubt that Hashem is right there with you.
  2. Thank the Almighty for whatever blessings you can immediately think of, such as, “Thank You, Hashem, for my heartbeat” or “Thank You, Hashem, for the food in my refrigerator.” Take nothing for granted. When you thank the Almighty, He gives you many more reasons to thank Him.
  3. Sing or hum a melody of faith, encouragement and inspiration – I love this one or this one, for example. Faith will replace the fear – that’s the power of a soulful melody.
  4. Say, “Hashem loves me,” over and over.
  5. Be optimistic – positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes.

By now, the coast is probably clear. Every time you implement the above steps, in part or in whole, under fire, you develop more inner strength. These five ploys won’t let you down. Without them, I for one could not cope.

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