Plants, roots and herbs – all members of the vegetative level of creation – are loaded with phytochemicals. These are naturally occurring chemical compounds that the Creator instilled in these foodstuffs to keep us healthy, vibrant and immune to disease. With a consensus of both modern and traditional nutrition source materials, as well as proven success in dozens of cases in my own experience in diet and nutritional coaching, I put together this starting lineup of the Top 5 immune-building Super Spices. These all-stars, which should always appear in your pantry and in the starting lineup of your meal ingredients, are loaded with all types of goodies like powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory and immune-system benefits. What’s more, almost anything that’s good for the immune system is good for fertility as well.

Whether you’re a pro-vaccer or an anti-vaccer, these top 5 super spices should be regulars in your salads and cooking ingredients. They’ll protect against COVID like they protect against other viruses. And, even if a person becomes infected, they’ll help him bounce back to health much quicker.

Whenever you can attain them in the fresh state, that’s optimal. If fresh is not available, use died whole. If dried whole is not available, use dried ground. Stay away from manufacturer or heat-tampered spices and commercial mixtures, which contain chemical additives that are counter-productive.

Natural herbs and spices have no side effects and the body readily absorbs them. In that respect, commercial vitamins and so-called immune-boosting meds and pharmaceuticals are no match for our top five. Combine them with proper personal hygiene, and G-d willing, you’ll stay healthy all year long. Meet the all-star spices:

#1, Garlic – prefer fresh garlic cloves to dried and powder. Garlic is the captain of the team in that it supercharges the immune system, wards off colds and flu, enhances fertility, boosts heart health and combats LDL cholesterol. It’s one of nature’s leading prebiotics, which man’s that it promotes probiotic growth, the beneficial bacteria that keep your gut healthy. Garlic reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, has anti-tumor effects, and lowers blood glucose levels. Garlic juice has powerful anti-bacterial properties that can help readily heal a sty in the eye. Chop it in your salads and eat at least a good sized clove a day. If you’re worried about garlic breath, chewing on a fresh sprig of parsley will sweeten your breath almost immediately. Garlic merited it’s #1 slot on the Top Ten because of its compound allicin, which converts to a number of sulphur-containing compounds that boost the disease-fighting response of white blood cells in the body when they encounter viruses, such as the common cold or flu. Although there is no clinically-proven evidence that garlic protects against corona-virus, it’s immune-boosting properties will certainly strengthen the body’s ability to fight it or recover from it.

#2, Ginger – India tradition and literature cites ginger as a prime immune booster. Ginger boasts phytochemical properties that haven’t even been discovered yet among the 60+ trace minerals, 30+ amino acids and more than 500 enzymes and coenzymes all working together to calm reactivity, fight bacteria and parasites, relieve migraine headaches, stimulate B12 production (critical for vegans!), fight colds and flu, relax the throat and flush the muscles of the excess lactic acid the creates soreness after a tough workout. If you wonder why the Chinese or Indian dish you tried to cook doesn’t taste authentic, it’s because you forgot the ginger!

#3, Turmeric – It is one of the most powerful India-originated spices with over 300 nutrients including calcium, fiber, iron, and zinc. Turmeric has cogent anti-inflammatory properties that boost immunity. It also contains anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that further help strengthen the body’s immune function. In Israel, we have the fresh root in the winter and spring, which is loaded with xanthophyll and beta-carotene, a cogent antioxidant and loaded with Vitamins A and C. A salad or dish with a starting lineup of ingredients that includes fresh garlic, fresh ginger and chopped turmeric root is a strong defense against disease, aging and infertility. Where you can’t get fresh, opt for organic dried.

#4, Hot Peppers – contain capsaicin, an amazing phytochemical that helped prevent spoilage in warm climates before the invention of refrigeration. Capsaicin’s anti-microbial properties inhibit as much as 75% of bacteria growth, making hot peppers a mighty protector against infection. They benefit the digestive tract by reducing the acidity that causes ulcers. They also help produce saliva and stimulates gastric juices aiding digestion. Hold on  – we’re not finished yet. Hot peppers lower LDL cholesterol, increase blood flow, mitigate migraines and promote heart health. They increase metabolism and promote weight loss. They’re great for the skin, fight cancer cells and prevent colds and allergies. They are also a wonderful aphrodysiac and known here in to Middle East to enhance fertility well past middle age.

#5, Cinnamon – one of the important components of cinnamon – Cinnamaldehyde – fights respiratory tract infections caused by fungi. This beautifully aromatic spice, which together with turmeric are two of the eleven spices that make up the ritual incense (ketoret) mentioned in the Torah, is a rich source of antioxidants which helps in giving a major boost to your immunity system. It also lowers blood sugar levels and lowers one’s chances of suffering from heart disease, including high LDL cholesterol and hypertension.

In summary, put these top 5 super-spices in your daily diet and G-d willing you’ll boost your immunity and ward off illness. Combine the “Super 5” with overall healthy eating and regular exercise, and you’ll be dancing at the weddings of your great grandchildren. Every blessing for your good health, LB

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